4ft EZ Curl Olympic Barbell Bar
4ft EZ Curl Olympic Barbell Bar
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4ft EZ Curl Olympic Barbell Bar

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The 4ft EZ Curl Olympic Barbell (50mm) is a barbell that is ideal for training your upper arms. This barbell can be used for various exercises such as bicep curl, triceps extension, front squats etc.

The major advantage of using this bar is that it reduces the chance of injury due to its unusual shape when doing certain bar curl exercises compared to using a regular straight barbell bar.

Due to its compact size, this bar is perfect for training at home or in a limited space.

Barbell specifications:
  • Handle length: 84cm
  • Weight plates diameter: 50mm / 2"
  • Sleeve length: 17cm
  • Bearings: No
  • Grip surface: Knurled
  • Maximum load capacity: 130kg
  • Bar weight: 6.5kg
  • Spring collars included: Yes
  • Material: Solid steel

Other sizes and styles available is our 4ft Olympic barbell , 4ft barbell standard , which fits all 1" (25mm) weight plates. 

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