4ft Barbell 1 inch With Spinlock Collars (1.2m) 120kg
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4ft Barbell 1 inch With Spinlock Collars (1.2m) 120kg

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4ft barbell bar spinlock (1" inch), ideal for beginners looking to build muscle / strength.  This bar will fit any standard weight plates with a hole diameter of 25mm. This bar could be use for various training exercises including bench press, front squats, back squats, barbell lunge and so on.  

The barbell comes with two solid steel spinlock collars.

-  Fits 25mm weight plates
-  Sleeve diameter: 25mm / 1"
-  Maximum load capacity: 120kg
-  Bar weight: 4.7kg
-  Bar length: 120cm / 4ft
-  Internal distance between plate loads (collar to collar): 82cm
-  Plate-load ends / sleeves: 20cm on each side
-  Grip: Knurled handles for safer and better grip
-  Material: Solid steel 

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